About Our Playgroup

The Basin Playgroup is a not for profit organisation run by a Committee of current parents. Sessions are not directed or led they are parent-run, offering an inclusive playgroup for children from birth to five years old. Set in a beautiful natural setting, there are ample opportunities for development and learning through play for all ages, facilitating a successful transition to Kindergarten and School.

Inside, the centre boasts a fully stocked craft room, reading corner, lots of pretend play options including a home corner, dress ups, toys and puzzles, a child friendly dining area and kitchenette with tea and coffee provisions for parents. There are also adult and child friendly bathroom amenities, a plush couch - great for breastfeeding mums, air-conditioning and heating.

Outside features a sheltered area with table and chairs, a large timber fort with slides, sandpit, swings, mud kitchen and vegetable garden, a bike track with bikes of all sizes, a discovery garden and 2 well stocked cubby houses. In the garage is a huge assortment of outdoor toys and activities.

In addition to the usual Committee Meetings, Working Bees, Fundraising events and Activities for the kids in regular sessions our committee organise Free Activity Excursions and Training (recent events include activity trips to Bunnings, Visit to the local Fire Station, Emergency Response Training for the kids and CPR training for the parents.) We also hold an Annual Christmas Party Free to all members.

Members are encouraged to join the Committee, or contribute in some way to the roles being:

Committee Roles

Position Description
President Is spokesperson and motivator, chairs committee meetings, writes annual report for annual general meeting, is familiar with the constitution and policies of the playgroup.
Vice President Takes responsibility as delegated by the President, acts as an understudy for the President.
Public Officer Attends the annual general meeting, liaises with Consumer Affairs Victoria and the Department of Justice on behalf of the Playgroup, lodges all required forms with the aforementioned Government departments within the required timeframes, takes responsibility for the Common Seal.
Secretary Is responsible for documents and record management, creates agendas and takes minutes at meetings, distributes minutes as soon as possible after the meetings and arranges for a copy to go on the notice board, prepares 'actions' sheet for whom and what is to be done. Replies to all general correspondence, notifies all members of meeting times and dates.
Treasurer Plans and reviews the budget, handles collection and banking of all money, prepares a financial statement of all incoming and outgoing monies for each committee meeting, keeps ledgers, bank books, cheque books and receipt books current, and arranges an audit with receipts for annual general meeting (if needed). Maintains an inventory of all equipment.
Enrolement Secretary Often the first point of contact with Playgroup they are responsible for maintaining membership records, ensuring membership is even throughout sessions, allocating session times, placing new families in appropriate sessions, maintaining any waiting list or referring to other playgroup facilities and is the contact person for Playgroup Victoria.
Purchasing Officer Purchases all day to day requirements (tea, coffee, milk), art/craft supplies and other equipment.
Fundraising Officer Fundraising does not necessarily occur each year, it occurs on an as needs basis. The Fundraising Officer is the contact person for the annual Playgroup Victoria Raffle (when participating), makes suggestions and recommendations to the committee regarding possible fundraising ventures. Presents a report to the committee meeting after each fundraising event.
Advertising / Recruitment Officer This is not an essential role and does not always occur each year. The Advertising Officer Is responsible for allocating the annual advertising budget as effectively as possible, designing and or printing Flyers and other advertising material, social media advertising and organising local event and community involvement to raise the Playgroup profile.
Building Maintenance Officer Coordinates working bees, oversees the maintenance of all equipment and storage areas, liaises with repairers and Council to ensure that the Building and equipment are satisfactorily maintained.

Committee roles can be split across members formally, or informally if appropriate in order to ensure that the essential roles are filled and that the behind the scenes running of the Playgroup continues without negatively impacting members.

Committee meetings are held monthly and members from all groups are encouraged to attend and represent the needs of their group. Attendance to meetings can be done in person or on-line via Facebook in the Basin Playgroup Facebook Page Events section. Additionally regular feedback is sought from all members regarding large purchases and decisions such as the annual Christmas party via the Centre’s private Facebook page and e-mail. Interaction and participation is encouraged in any way that is feasible for each family.

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