Why kids love playgroup

Playgroup is appropriate for babies, toddlers and pre-schoolers. The experiences they are offered at playgroup help them make new friends, gain self-confidence, develop verbal and non-verbal communication skills, learn to cooperate, develop motor skills, gain coordination, spatial awareness and balance, discover textiles & colours, express emotions & extend their experience of literacy.

Why Parents love playgroup

Playgroup provides a cost effective opportunity for parents to share experiences and resources. It is an ideal place to meet local parents with children of a similar ages in a relaxed setting.

Parents can get out of the house, spend time learning and playing with their children and have a cuppa and chat. Everything is provided at the centre to ensure mums, dads and kids all have a great time!

Dad’s, Grandparents and other Carers are welcome at all of the Basin Playgroup Sessions, however, The Basin Playgroup also offers a reserved session time on a Saturday morning specifically to be used for a unique Dad's or Grandparent’s playgroup and we strongly encourage this as an alternative to costly play centre.

Should you be interested in this please contact our Enrolments team . Dads or Grandparents can meet other locals while enjoying uninterrupted time with their children.

Some of our Activities